Kitchen Cabinet Laval Montreal Deschutes service center in Redmond on hold

Kitchen Cabinet Laval Montreal

Kitchen Cabinet Laval Montreal

Kitchen Cabinet Laval Montreal

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Deschutes County’s purchase in May of a Redmond office building marked the county’s first big real estate buy since mid-2011.Both transactions, the deal last month for a 6,500-square-foot office north of downtown Redmond, and the much larger purchase of a foreclosed shopping center building nearly three years ago, came amid efforts by the county to add more space for public health services in Redmond.But while the 2011 deal was made as the county eyed consolidating all of its Redmond offices into a “north campus,” similar to its offices in Bend, the May deal isn’t a precursor to anything larger.
County officials say the north campus idea is still on the table. But the real estate market has changed significantly since the plan first gained traction in 2009.Rising construction costs have the north campus plan on the back-burner for now, Susan Ross, county property and facilities director, said Thursday.The county paid $600,000 last month to buy the property at 406 W. Antler Ave., looking to move the behavioral health division of the county’s Redmond-based Health Services Department into a bigger space.The division’s current office is 1,000 square feet, less than one-sixth the size of the new building.

Where the north campus plan once called for a new, roughly 12,000-square-foot building somewhere in the downtown area, “We’re kind of stepping back and taking a breather,” Ross said. “We’ll figure out what to do in the future. In meantime, the purchase of the Antler (Avenue) building gives us some breathing space, and time.”County officials in 2009 said the new facility could have been built for as little as $3 million, mirroring Bend’s service building northeast of downtown, according to The Bulletin’s archives.“We lost the opportunity with the (construction) prices being lower” at the start of the recession, county Commissioner and former Redmond Mayor Alan Unger said last week.The north campus idea was on a list of the county’s priority projects as far back as 2007. The need came as Redmond’s population boomed from about 7,000 in 1990 to more than 26,000 in 2010, according to U.S. Census Bureau figures. The demand for health, planning and other county services has grown along with the population.The county’s various Redmond services are spread across the city, meanwhile, on Cascade and Glacier avenues, Southwest Seventh Street and Canal Boulevard. Some health offices are miles apart from each other.“I think right now we’re saying that was a big, ambitious plan,” Unger said of the north campus vision. In the near term, “We don’t see a path for moving forward.”

The 2011 purchase was supposed to be the solution. The county paid $1.4 million that year to buy a 40,000-square-foot former shopping center known as the Design Center, at 2127 S. U.S. Highway 97 in Redmond, out of foreclosure.At the time, the building was considered a future home for community development, health services, justice court, juvenile services, parole, probation and veterans’ services, according to The Bulletin’s archives, as well as some state offices.But the plan hasn’t materialized, and the county now wants to sell the building, Ross said.“It was a great deal, and we jumped on it,” Ross said, noting its price would have been considerably higher in a nonforeclosure sale. “We don’t want to do that again. But we’re not going to lose any money on the deal.”

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Kitchen Laval Montreal / Litestream Names New Construction Manager

 Kitchen Laval Montreal

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Litestream, a Florida-based telecommunications provider focused on delivering Internet, cable television and voice services to private communities, has announced the addition of John D. (JD) Trudel as construction manager. In his new position, he will be responsible and accountable for the overall project management for the construction of a new, state-of-the art broadband telecommunications system with fiber optic delivery in Sterling Oaks, a full service tennis and clubhouse community in Naples.

Trudel is a versatile, seasoned professional that thrives on positive customer experiences. He has been in the communications industry since 2006, where he has gained vast knowledge in effective project management and operational development. A Florida native, he has a degree from Palm Beach State College, where he studied business management. He joined Litestream because of their “customer first” type business model.I am extremely excited to share a White Glove approach in construction practices,” he said. “I look forward to providing Litestream customers with an unparalleled experience that they can’t find anywhere else in the industry.

Litestream specializes in the construction of new broadband communications systems in established communities. The company works with communities and associations to design, build and deliver a newly-built, modern system throughout the community, replacing the outdated infrastructure currently in the ground. This new broadband infrastructure ensures higher quality signals and more capacity and is not burdened by the repairs and weathering inevitably accompanying the original system that has been in the ground for many years. Litestream’s engineers design systems that bring fiber optics throughout the community to provide service quality which current networks are unable to achieve.

Litestream is the brand name of Litestream Holdings, LLC, organized in 2004 with headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida. Litestream is focused on the replacement of existing cable infrastructure within gated communities statewide. Its management team collectively has over 130 years of cable industry experience, including all phases from construction to customer service. For more information, call 239-249-3327.

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Renovation Basement Laval Montreal /Laval seeks to recoup any cash lost to corruption

Renovation Basement Laval Montreal

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Laval’s lawyers will go after firms and people found to have taken money from the city by illicit means, but it might take months or years until there is a court date.The day after he was elected, Laval Mayor Marc Demers said one of his first actions would be to hire a lawyer to recuperate money taken from the city during years of corruption.On Friday, Demers said that the head of the city’s legal department retired late last year, and it took several months to replace him. His successor, Patrice Guay, will examine the files and make recommendations to the city about possible legal action.He has a mandate to examine all the possibilities to recuperate money that was taken away from the city,” Demers said. “He’ll examine all the evidence that’s out there in criminal proceedings, and at the Charbonneau Commission, and see if we can go after certain people, for how much, and the chances of success.”As for specific people the city could go after, Demers said it was hypothetical.

But I will say if there is a chance to recuperate any money, and our lawyer said we have a chance to go forward, that’s what we’ll do.In November, Demers said he wanted to follow in the footsteps of the city of Montreal, which a year ago announced measures to combat corruption, including going after those found to have defrauded the city. Montreal also revised its bidding process so that contracts can’t be awarded to firms suspected of defrauding the city.Demers said he’d like to follow suit on that measure, but Laval doesn’t have the same special status accorded to Montreal, and he would have to ask Quebec to change the city’s bidding process.Our work isn’t all done at this level,” he said. “The legal department is now studying other measures that we could put in place.”

He said historically in Laval, several law firms and other companies had always won certain contracts with the city, going back 25 years. That is no longer the case. Laval has also given more powers to its ombudsman, and its auditor general, and put in place an ethics office.However, Jean-Claude Gobé, the unelected leader of the opposition Action Laval, said he’d like to see an independent ethics commissioner who has no ties to the administration.We’re also concerned that the mayor seems to be naming his friends and members of his party to city committees,” he said. “Everyone is linked to Mr. Demers at every level of the city. This is something we deplore.

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Armoire De Cuisine Laval Montreal | Sony tape smashes storage record

Armoire De Cuisine Laval Montreal

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 Created with the help of IBM, Sony’s technology allows for tapes that can store the equivalent of 3,700 Blu-ray discs.The tape hold 148 gigabits (Gb) per square inch – beating a record set in 2010 more than five times over.Storage tapes are typically used by businesses to hold huge amounts of data for a long time.Analysts IDC predict that by 2020, global data storage will amount to 40 trillion gigabytes – around 5,200 gigabytes per person.Using tape is a cheaper and more energy efficient method of storing data when compared to power-hungry large data centres full of hard drives.

However, retrieving data from tape is a far slower process. Storage tapes only offer sequential access – meaning data has to be accessed in the order in which it was written. The tape has to literally be moved to the right position for the data to be accessed.Hard disc drives, by contrast, allow for data accessed in a much more sporadic fashion – known as random access – making them much more suitable for everyday computer use.Over a long time period, tape is considered the more reliable approach.In a statement, Sony said: “The rapid recovery of data systems such as databases and data servers following natural disasters, as well as secure management of information has become ever more important, and companies around the world are proceeding to build new data systems.

“In addition, the expansion of cloud services and the creation of new markets to utilize big data have led to a growing need for a data storage media which can store large amounts of information.”Sony was able to achieve the high storage capacity by utilising a “nano-grained magnetic layer” consisting of tiny nano-particles, allowing for greater density.The technology was announced at the Intermag Europe 2014 – an international magnetics conference held in Dresden, Germany.Sony is also working on more consumer-friendly storage – in March it announced it was working with Panasonic on the Archival Disc, which will hold 1TB of data, the equivalent of 250 DVD films.

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Kitchen Laval Montreal |Samsung Group Chromebook 2

Kitchen Laval Montreal

By: Raul Hernandez
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Those looking for a cheap, yet powerful laptop can look no further than the Samsung Group Chromebook 2. Samsung is set to release two different versions of the new version of the popular Chromebook laptops.Chromebook laptops are rapidly growing popularity as they come in at a low price and use Google’s Chrome OS. The operating system keeps things simple with everything mainly running through its Chrome web browser. The laptops are built with people who are online most of the time they are on a computer.New official images reveal that the lid of the laptop now has a soft faux leather texture and stitching on the sides. Samsung claims that the new textured lid makes the laptop easier to grip and carry around. Carrying around the laptops should not be much of a burden as both models weigh around three pounds.

The two different models are almost identical in specs and functions. The 11.6-inch model has a 1366 x 768 screen, powered by the Exynos 5 Octa 1.9 Ghz processor, and has 4 GB of RAM. Even though Chromebook machines are focused around basic tasks, the laptop was built with enough processing power to handle most of the days needs and still handle high quality media.The 13-inch model comes with a slightly faster Exynos 5 Octa 2 Ghz processor and a 1920 x 1080 resolution screen. The only other difference is price and colors. The 11.6-inch model comes in both black and white colors for $319. The 13-inch model will only come in a grey color and will cost $399.Both laptops come with a battery life of eight hours and 16 GB of hard drive space. The battery life is longer than more expensive laptops, but the hard drive space seems rather low. Since the Chromebook 2 laptops are based around online use, the Samsung Group has added free access 100 GB of online cloud storage. The limitation of the cloud storage is that it is only free for two years. After that period, the user has to purchase a storage plan.

Even though the hard drive space does seem limited, it does include enough space to handle documents, photos, music, and other files the user may need to store on the laptop. Streaming movies through Netflix and Hulu Plus is a great alternative to storing movie files on the Chromebook. Also, media content can be streamed through the Chrome web browser.Chromebook laptops are made for users that focus on web browsing, email, writing documents, and any other work that can be completed online. The laptops have become very popular amongst students and business users who focus on basic computer functions. The low price point has attracted people who do not need a powerful laptop when all they want to do check Facebook and send out a few emails.Both models of the Samsung Group Chromebook 2 can be pre-ordered through Amazon and the Samsung website. The 11.6-inch model will become available on May 7. The 13-inch model will become available a week later on May 15.The Samsung Group saw a large response to the original Chromebook and hopes to attract new buyers with the powerful Chromebook 2. The processing power on the Chromebook 2 should appeal to those who are looking for a laptop without the unwanted bells and whistles. The new models will help those users hum along.

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Salle De Bain Laval Montreal|Samsung Level series of premium mobile audio devices launched

Salle De Bain Laval Montreal

By: James Born
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In a news release on Monday, Samsung announced four new audio products, which will be available from mid-May in most markets. No pricing was mentioned, but the release repeatedly uses the word premium, so don’t expect them to be cheap.

The Level series includes the “flagship” Level Over over-the-ear wireless headset, the wired on-ear and in-ear variants called Level On and Level In respectively, and the Jambox style external speaker, the Level Box.

According to Samsung, the Level Over has features such as active noise cancellation and touch controls, and uses a 50mm dynamic driver. There will also be a companion app, the Samsung Level, which will give users control over the equalizer and audio effects to tweak the sound for different usage scenarios.

Both the Level On and Level In are smaller, wired headsets, and Samsung claims that they offer natural and clear sound, and a full range of rich audio, respectively.

The Level Box, meanwhile, has features like NFC to quickly connect to phones, and a 56mm stereo speaker promises to be reasonably loud. According to Samsung, the Level Box will provide 15 hours of continuous playback. If it actually delivers that much without compromising on the audio, that’s pretty good.

According to the release, while the series will be available from mid-May, the availability of each Level series will vary by market, so for now, it’s not clear which, if any, of these audio devices will be available in India.

“Samsung understands the importance of music and audio in the lives of our consumers,” said JK Shin, CEO and Head of IT & Mobile Communication at Samsung Electronics. “With the Level series, we have crafted an incredible line of audio products designed for the mobile user with organic sound, premium design aesthetics, and optimized mobile audio controls.”

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Kitchen Laval Montreal |Sony’s Waterproof Tablet Goes On Sale In The U.S.

Kitchen Laval Montreal

By:  Matt Burns
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Sony’s latest Android tablet is now on sale in the U.S. Available for pre-order on and available in Sony Stores on May 4th, the Z2 is Sony’s latest effort to shore up its crumbling brand. And an impressive one at that.

The Z2 is the thinner, faster, and waterproof successor to the Z1 that hit in 2013. Darrell was impressed with the device when he spent some time with it last week, saying it’s so thin that he felt he could snap it in half.

As Darrell observed, the Z2 packs an impressive 10.1-inch display that really stands out. It also sports a 8MP camera, front-facing speakers and 3GB of RAM paired with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 SoC running at 2.3 GHz. It’s an impressive kit but at $499 for the 16GB flavor, the Z2 is not a bargain. Still, Sony will not rebuild its brand by racing downmarket and selling Kindle Fire HD competitors. Nope, it needs the Z2 which can stand tall against the best of Samsung and Apple.

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